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Bumper Scuffs

Possibly the most common areas to be damaged on a car, bumper scuffs and cracks can be quickly and successfully repaired without the need for a costly replacement. It's easy to think the bumper will need to be replaced but you'd be surprised at the level of damage we can repair.

The damaged area is sanded, filled, primed and repainted to the original manufacturers finish from our paint schemes and then the whole area lacquered to a high gloss finish, blending into the rest of the bumper.

Any cracks/splits are repaired using a hot staple system, where metal staples are melted into the plastic, bridging the split. Fibreglass may also be used to give the bumper the strength needed. Any distortion is heated up and massaged back into shape.

Textured, unpainted black plastic bumpers and trims can also be repaired. These are filled and primed, then a texture spray which replicates the original finish is applied, before a colour matched specialist plastic coating is sprayed over the top.